New product innovations

Dustie®– the universal dust bag

the new brand of Emile Nölting has already revolutionised the Swedish market, as it is the simpliest solution for all customers who don’t know which bag they need for their vacuum cleaners and for the shops who would like to minimize the space for bags and those who want to support their customers with an easy to handle system.




Scrub Daddy® now also available in Europe

It’s America’s favourite sponge. Invented by Aaron Krause, an american interpreneur, who became famous after becoming the most successful product ever beeing at the inventor and investment show Shark Tank. After the unbelievable success in USA, Emile Nölting brings the product back to Germany, where is is actually beeing produced. Scrub Daddy and its product family is already available in several chains throughout Germany and will be available about everywhere soon, after the success story continues also in Germany, while we are building up the European distribution.

The Stain Remover Glove


The Stain Remover Glove can be used to get rid of many types of stains on carpets, car seats etc. The glove works without cleaning agent – just by adding water you can use it again and again. Just rub the wet glove over the stain and the result is immediately visible. This product is based on German technology.

Get convinced from the product by watching the video (sorry, only available in german):


The ergonomic sponge


The ergonomic sponge is the first cleaning item, that combines the positive effects of a sponge with a microfiber cleaning

cloth. At the backside it has an absorbent microfiber fleece and the front comes with our invented duo-kitchen cloth for a smooth cleaning of surfaces or with a scrubbing fleece. We produce this item at our new production facitity in Europe.


The super absorbent cloth


The super absorbent clothpicks up a high amount of water without dripping! Its special technology is made in Europe.