Family-run business – small, but punches well above its weight

RSH: “Economics in Focus. Positive news from Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg”

RSH: Tradition with a bit ´T´at Emile Nölting GmbH. & Co. KG. Exactly 150 years ago the Hamburg businessman and Commerzbank co-founder, Emile Nölting founded the company as a South American business enterprise. The anniversary sees the tradition continued as his great, great grandson, Edgar von Hobe becomes the Chief Executive.

Edgar von Hobe: Saving tradition by trying to remain a family-run business. Just as we have set the standards for business with customers, like the way our distributors behave, a busninessman should be just as decent.

RSH: Von Hobe has since focused on household goods. Above all, his customers are based in Europe. America is expected to bring new business.

von Hobe: we are small but special, and would like to stretch out and find customers in North America. That is, we are not afraid of globalisation.

RSH: The Emile Nölting GmbH anticipates globalisation and is using it´s strengths accordingly.

von Hobe: I myself, have lived in Reinbeck for over 30 years and have found it a very good place because of the close proximity to Hamburg´s ports. We have customers in a close radius. And the industrial region is a nice place to expand from.

Interview Radio Schleswig-Holstein
Beginning of January 2009