Company History


Jacques Emile Louis Alexandre Nölting founded our company on 31st December 1858

Emile Nölting GmbH & Co. KG

as a business enterprise in Hamburg. The business dealt with the importation and exportation of all types of goods; among them, textiles from predominantly Latin-American countries. The business first experienced true success at the end of the 19th century.

Emile Nölting was, among other things, the co-founder of the Commerzbank, of the Bavaria brewery of St. Pauli, the Marien Hospital in Hamburg as well as the Carlshütte in Rendsburg. King Faustin I of Haiti made him Consul of Haiti in 1859.

Between 1890 and 1986, the company was lead by three generations of the founder´s family. After each world war the business had to be rebuilt with a new customer base and the creation of new delivery infrastructure.

The business enterprise Emile Nölting GmbH & Co. KG went through a change of generations, and was taken over by the great, great grandson of the founder, Edgar von Hobe. Since then the company has specialized in the production and importation of non-food, household goods and has now set up its worldwide marketing in the self-service field.

At the end of 2008 the internationally active enterprise celebrated its 150th birthday. Edgar von Hobe can now look back on 23 solid years of successful company history. At the beginning of October 2009 his son, Nicolaus von Hobe also became general manager of the family-run business.